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Piano Moving Service in Jordan

The most important part of piano moving is the packing of the piano. This means wrapping the piano in a series of blankets so that the surface of the piano isn’t scuffed or gouged (refinishing a piano can be very expensive).
CML SafePak is your trusted partner and specialist piano moving service in Jordan.

CML SafePak is here to help
You can rely on us for a seamless, hassle free Fine Art, Antique and Piano Moving Services in Jordan

  • We have more than 30 years’ experience in international moving.
  • We are a Harmony Relocation Network Proud Member.
  • We are a FIDI Affiliate and Certified International Mover.
  • We hold an ISO 9001:2015.
  • We serve many of the foreign embassies, NGO’s, schools and UN organizations.

Everyone knows a piano has 88 keys but did you know that it’s common for them to have more than 10,000 moving parts? Moving such a delicate, heavy, and complicated instrument without damaging it can be difficult, and professionals are best equipped to do this safely.

We are here to help

No matter the size or value of your piano, our team can safely and efficiently move pianos safely to any destination national or international. Our piano moving experts have undergone rigorous training in preparing your instrument, packing or protecting the vulnerable parts, moving, unpacking and setting up, ready to be returned in the new home.

How We Safely Move Pianos

  • Assessment
    Before we move a piano we check for ease of access at the point of collection and delivery. This is part of our thorough approach to planning a client’s move and ensures the minimum of fuss for our customers.
    Prior to the removal, a senior member from our moving team jointly inspects the instrument with the customer. Any existing damage is pointed out and noted on a piano condition report, which is jointly signed. Damage is also photographed for the customer’s peace of mind.

  • Packing
    Carefully, the crew remove or tie down, all that is appropriate for the model being handled. Piano parts that are vulnerable to damage, such as the music stand, pedal action and grand piano legs are removed and packaged, with keyboard lids also removed or locked down.
    The packaging used on the piano will depend upon the nature of the piano, the customer’s specific requirements and the destination. Materials range from soft thick woollen transit blankets wrapped and tied to secure, through to a full “export wrap” which involves bubble wrap together with a card over layer for added protection.

  • Casing
    Many of the high-value pianos we move have a bespoke wooden case manufactured for them, offering added protection. The cases are lined inside with foam to cushion the instrument and are held in Abels’ store until the next time the piano is to be relocated. If we are shipping internationally, for all grand piano crating is undertaken as a normal procedure.

  • Removal
    Following export packing – our experts will organize all the necessary international documentation, booking and coordinating the shipping container or airfreight transportation should there be an urgent requirement. Our extensive global network of agents will undertake the import customs clearance before arranging the delivery to your new home and setting up as required.

  • Personnel
    Due to the high value of many of our consignments, all our operatives have security clearance, carrying identification cards at all times. Our employees packing techniques are honed each year in the Abels training school, using our own pianos and not our clients.

  • Security
    All movements are confidential and handled only by senior operations managers. Client information remains private and it is the duty of all CML Safe Pak employees to maintain confidentiality. Warehousing is modern, clean and dry. Security is provided alarm and CCTV systems, and warehouses are located in low-crime areas.

  • Insurance
    Values of pianos can vary greatly. We can discuss, and arrange insurance to cover the door to door movement.

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