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Environmental Policy

The protection of the environment, the reduction in usage of Materials, energy and emissions are of our utmost priorities in any planned physical movement. Several Precautions are taken in each dimension to eliminate unnecessary use of resources through waste management system.

Waste management system is included in the activities taken by CML Safe Pak to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal.
This is implemented in CML Safe Pak, through the reuse and recycling of papers, the reuse of used lift vans in LCL shipments, the use of shredded papers as protective tool during packing. These actions are taken to reduce the demand for virgin materials and the greenhouse gases, which are an inevitable side effect for the production process.

Continual improvement of our Environmental Management System and the prevention of pollution. This can be achieved by:

• Complying with legal and other requirements as a minimum standard.
• Obtaining the highest possible level of efficiency as this is the highest environmental gain possible.

• Applying reusable packing materials for removals whenever possible. 

• Considering Environmental Factors when making investments. 

• Reducing empty mileage and increasing efficiency.
• Increasing environmental awareness by addressing this subject in meetings and communications and ensuring a documented Environmental Policy     showing a commitment to reduce any impact on the environment. 

• Considering various means of transportation and their imprint on the environment when planning business travels. 

• Keeping the number of environmental incidents at 0 (zero). 

• Exploiting groupage opportunities in modalities of transportation to reduce the CO2 emission.
• Limiting the packaging materials used in each job, whilst still maintaining the highest level of protection.

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