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Health & Safety Policy

Prevention of injury and ill health and to the continual improvement in H&S management and performance is a top priority at our firm and as such we are:

• Complying with Labor Laws and other applicable Legal requirements.
• Identifying and address any safety hazards for our Workers, Clients, and Third Parties to the highest standards available.

• Increasing awareness of Health & Safety by making it part of all official communications and trainings.
• Being pro-active in the identification of new Developments and Standards that may contribute to safe and healthy operations.
• Increasing awareness among our Colleagues, Member Companies and Clients regarding occupational Health & Safety aspects.
• Holding annual safety trainings and keeping the number of accidents at 0 (Zero).
• Comply with all relevant Fire Safety Legislation .
• Maintain and replace, when necessary, all firefighting equipment, fire alarm and fire prevention systems
• Conduct and record regular Fire Drill procedures for all employees.
• Ensure that adequate Building escape routes are identified, clearly signed, kept clear of obstruction and that employees are made aware of them    through regular drills

To achieve a safe and healthy work environment, we must not only ensure a safe work environment without risk to health, but we must also ensure that our employees and their representatives are consulted, informed, and trained on all aspects of occupational safety and health associated with their work, including emergency arrangements, regulations, and best practices.

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