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Corporate Policy

Uphold and promote fair operating practices in dealing with Companies, Authorities, and Individuals. This can be achieved by:

• Refraining from any unethical transactions such as giving or accepting Bribes & Unlawful or unjustified payments.

• Consider human rights, labor practices, the environment, consumers and communities and the effects on them in our strategic decision making.

Our worldwide Customers, Accounts, Transferees, and Interested Parties playing their role in modern Society require us not to only provide excellent relocation and freight forwarding Services but to also exercise safe work practices, reduce the imprint of our activities on the Environment, obey Human Rights, be ethical in our business dealings, respect other peoples’ privacy, give something back to society, and prove that we do so.

To make sure we all talk about the same thing when addressing these topics, we have laid down our standards in this document - The Code.

It gives us the standards we abide by and tells us how to always use them. The code outlines CML’s commitment in dealing with healthy and safe working environment for employees, protection against harassment, and anti-discrimination based on race, religion, disability, and sexual orientation.

The code addresses establishing legal, ethical, honest, and professional relationships with Customers, Employees, Vendors, and Suppliers. In addition to anti-trust or anti-competitive activities; especially top-level commitment to free and fair competition, such agreements with potential competitors which prevents, restricts, or distorts competition; exchange of sensitive data regarding prices or quantities (including sales, market share, territories, or customers).

The reputation of our company and our network for integrity and honesty is built one decision at a time and the Code of Conduct (our “Code”) was created to help all of us make the right decisions. Our Code, together with our company policies, give us the guidelines we need to do the right thing, each day.

• Always choosing to do the right thing. 

• Ask questions about the right course of action when in doubt. 

• Report Code violations 

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