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Following are the Terms and Conditions for removal services between the customer (owner / shipper) of the goods named in this document and CML Safe Pak, a company registered in Jordan.
1. Customer's responsibility during removal a. It will be the customer's sole responsibility to ensure that nothing is taken away in error or left behind. b. The customer will obtain at his own expense all documents and permissions necessary for the removal to be completed. c. The customer will take responsibility for the security of his goods at the departure and destination points by being present himself or arranging for someone else to represent him. d. The customer must adequately prepare and stabilize and/or install all appliances and electronic equipment. e. The customer must arrange and pay for any necessary parking facilities for the move vehicle. f. The customer must ensure that there is adequate and suitable access for CML Safe Pak vehicles. CML Safe Pak will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from any of these matters.
2. Excluded Goods The following items are specifically excluded from this contract and if you ask us to move, store or ship them, we do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage: a. Jewelry, items of precious nature. b. Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items. c. Goods which are legally prohibited, either in the country of origin or destination. It is the customer's responsibility to identify and exclude such prohibited goods. d. Goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infection. e. Refrigerated or frozen food or drink. f. Any plants and animals, including pets. g. Computer / electronic equipment and any data storage devices.
3. Company's Liability The company's liability shall be limited to value of actual loss or damage to a maximum of 10 US cents per kg. We shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting from: a. War, invasion, strikes, acts of foreign enemies or other such events outside our reasonable control. b. Normal wear and tear, leakage or evaporation, atmospheric or climatic changes. c. Any damage to goods which are not packed / unpacked by us. All vehicles including boats and car are to be insured failing which, the company shall not be liable for any loss / damage for them. The customer may elect to complete a valued inventory of his goods and purchase All Risk Insurance in which event coverage will increase to the values so purchased and the terms and conditions of the insurance policy will apply.
4. Jurisdiction This contract is subject to the laws of Jordan.
5. Disputes If there is any dispute arising from this Agreement, which cannot be resolved, either party may refer it to judicial arbitration.
6. Claims All claims for loss or damage to the goods should be submitted to the Company. Initial written notification of such loss or damage, must be reported within 3 days of delivery of the goods. A full written report, setting out the details of the claim, including estimates of the amount claimed must be submitted to the Company within 30 days of full delivery. In the absence of these notifications the customer hereby waives and agrees to waive all claims for loss or damage. Extra Contract conditions for storage of goods
7. Your address while in store The customer will at all times keep the company informed in writing of his current address.
8. Inventory When we prepare an inventory and present or send it to you it will be accepted as a conclusive and accurate list of property received unless, within 7 days of receiving it, the company is notified in writing of any error/omission.
9. Storage Contracts a. The company is entitled to revise charges from time to time and will give the customer at least 28 days notice of any changes which will not take effect until the beginning of the next chargeable period of storage. b. Charges are billed and payable 3 months in advance. If the goods are removed from storage before the expiry of the 3-month period the customer's account will be credited for the un-expired portion of the period, but not for the periods of less than one complete week. The company shall have a general lien on any and all property deposited with it. In the event that storage and other related charges are not paid when due, and after the required notice to the owner and public announcement, the goods shall be sold at public auction as required by law, with the proceeds going first to pay accrued storage and related charges and the expenses incurred in the sale of the goods.


At Origin Packing and wrapping of all items Preparing packing list with numbered inventory and description Stuffing into container Coordination of normal export customs clearance from Jordan Delivery to Port / Airport Normal port or airport charges including Bill of Lading / Airway Bill Ocean Freight or Air Freight to port / airport of destination (in case of Door to Airport/Port shipments)
At Destination

Import customs clearance Terminal Handling Charges at destination Customs Inspection Pick up of shipment at port / air port Haulage to destination address within 30 miles / 50 kilometers Normal unpacking, delivery to specific rooms, setting up and removal of packing debris Return of empty container to terminal Assistance in insurance claims process if necessary


Import customs duty / taxes / fees if any Port demurrage or extra storage/warehousing handling at destination, if any Container detention and/or or Congestion charges Extra charges for difficult access/hoisting required, if any Electrical installation Insurance, unless requested and paid for separately Any additional services not explicitly stated in the quotation (e.g. piano handling)

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