Moving Planner in Jordan

Your Moving Process:

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Stress-Free Move

Two to Three Months Before Moving Day

– Contact CML SafePak and arrange for an on-site survey.
– Decide when you want to move.
– Before the survey, go through your home and decide which items will be moved.
– Dispose of any unwanted household belongings. Some options for this:
• Hold a garage sale.
• Donate items to charity.
• If you have books or videos, call your local school to see if they will accept donated books.
• Sell your unwanted appliances through your community.
• Advertise your unwanted items on social media.
– Decide if you will be doing some of the packing.
– CML SafePak provides professional packing services. However, if you decide to pack some items by yourself, you can ask for boxes and packing material from CML SafePak.
– Begin packing items you will not be using over the next few months.
– During the survey, show our representative everything to be moved. (Note: if you add items or services after the survey is performed, your final charges will vary.
Point out any items you feel may need special services (i.e., pool tables, waterbeds, artwork, Piano, etc.)
– Discuss your concerns with our surveyor.
– Review your Estimate/Order for Service carefully. Sign and date the document.
– If you have children, make sure they are aware of your move. Make them feel a part of the process.
– If you have a pet, let us know as we move pets all the time.

One or Two Months Before Moving Day

– Use up your canned goods, frozen foods, perishables and other items. Only purchase the items that you’ll need prior to moving.
– Continue packing non-essential items. Continue working on your valued inventory.

Two to Three Weeks Before Moving Day

– Make your coordinator aware of any changes to the items you are moving and/or packing.
– Confirm all dates relating to your move.
– Contact your financial institutions and find out how to transfer your accounts. Clear out your safety deposit box.
– Disassemble and disconnect your computer, stereos and other electrical equipment not needed.
– Drain your lawn mower, and any other power appliances and tools of any gas and oil.
– If you are moving out of an apartment building, check with your building manager to determine whether it is necessary to reserve, or obtain permission to tie up elevators if needed or a parking space for the move.

One Week Before Moving

– Identify and separate any items you are taking with you.
– Go through your entire home to make sure everything is accounted for. Don’t forget basement, garage, and any outside structures.
– Empty, defrost and clean your appliances. Leave open so that they dry completely. 

Day Prior to Moving Day

– Gather all items you are carrying with you (i.e., valuables, jewelry, irreplaceable items, etc.).
– Confirm that all boxes are packed correctly and marked correctly with your name, the room, the box came from and the contents.
– Make sure any items that are permanently fixed to walls or ceilings (i.e., curtain and drapery hardware, lighting fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans, etc.) are removed. If you need any handyman service, CML can arrange for that.
– If you are moving a vehicle:
• Make sure the fuel level is no more than ¼.
• Do not pack anything inside the vehicle.
• Wash your vehicle prior to shipment. 

Moving Day

– Make sure that you are present throughout the loading process to answer any questions the movers have and to give directions. If you cannot be there, make sure someone you trust is there to act as your representative. Make sure the move coordinator has the name and phone number of the person you choose.
– Accompany the crew leader as they perform inventory and complete the inventory forms. Make sure thatthe condition of your belongings is recorded correctly on the forms.

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