Vehicles Import Guide

Below are customs regulations for vehicles

Customs Regulations for Vehicles:

  • Our rate for Vehicles includes normal customs clearance at Amman customs, If we need to follow up on registration, licensing, Bureau Veritas inspection etc. We will charge additional USD 350.00 per car apart from the quoted rate. If permanent customs clearance is required at Zarqa Free Zone additional USD 500.00 per car apart from the quoted rate is applicable.
  • Kindly note that if the car model has not yet been registered in the customs system, then charges for the registration would incur of USD 650.
  • Diplomatic cars are subject to duties guarantee receipt that depends on the value of the car (3%of the value of the vehicle)
  • Passenger cars operating on diesel engines cannot be imported into Jordan.
  • Cars with steering wheel on the right are not allowed to be imported to Jordan
  • All duty exempted vehicles belonging to diplomats are cleared at Amman Customs Yard regardless of the POE, while the other cars that are subject to duties are cleared at Zarka Free Zone Customs Area (40 km north of Amman) unless the cars are brand new.
  • Consignees with valid residency permits outside Jordan may import their own cars on “temporary import” basis for a period of 90 days renewable only for another 90 days provided that these cars carry original traffic plates of the country where the consignee is residing.
  • Jordanians wishing to keep their cars in Jordan after the expiry of the “temporary import” permit will have to pay the applicable duties, taxes and traffic registration.
  • Vehicles entering Jordan should have a production date of maximum 5 years and above (except diplomatic vehicles), all duties, taxes and traffic registration will be applicable.
  • All others including Jordanian returnees who are relocating finally to Jordan, will have to pay the applicable duties, taxes and traffic registration.
  • Payment of duties, taxes and traffic licenses for used cars that are more than one year old take place at Zarka Free Zone Customs Area and need around four working days.
  • Please refer the below links for details for importing household and the car duties: (
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