Customs Import Regulations for HHE&PE

Normally, all used household goods and personal effects are subject to customs duty and VAT with theexception of the following parties: 

Diplomatic Status Residents:

Residents who are assigned a full diplomatic status in Jordan by (a Diplomatic Mission, UN agency or any other Approved Development Project Office) are entitled for full exemption on customs duty and VAT. This exemption must be arranged through their mission by submitting “customs exemption application” to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Planning along with a copy of the packing list and bill of lading / airway bill.

Please note that this process needs approximately four – six working weeks, and it starts ONLY after the Transferee has physically arrived to Jordan; first stage is to obtain his/her Residency Permit and then the exemption application is filed with the respective authority.


Returning Jordanians:

Jordanian citizens with valid passport, Family book and national I.D. are entitled to customs duty andVAT exemption provided that they have resided outside of Jordan for a minimum one year,
whereas the last year is continuous without any visits to Jordan.
Noting that Exemption Privilege can be obtained once in a lifetime.

The returnee must personally be present at the custom point along with any of the following documents as a proof of domicile in Jordan: Residency cancellation at Country of Origin, Original/attested House Ownership/Rental Contract, or school registration for children.
In addition, they should bring their Jordanian Passport (and any other) and Original Family Book.


Expatriates could be entitled for Custom Duties and/or VAT Exemption on their Personal Effects provided that their Organization has been given the privilege of exempting their Employees from the MOFA.

PRIOR TO SHIPPING, the expatriate can check directly with his/her Organization if they are grantedCustoms Duties and/or VAT Exemption and let us know. However, in most cases this is rather lengthy procedure and time element need to be taken intoconsideration.
Otherwise, Custom Duties & Taxes will be applicable.

Customs Duty & VAT:

Customs duty is computed at 30% of the estimated cost of goods and freight; additionally VAT of 16% of Customs’ valuation of Personal Effects and Freight Cost.
There is NO NEED to produce commercial invoices for personal effects and household goods shipments andnormally, the value declared by the importer (if reasonable) is acceptable.

Customs Regulations for Vehicles:

Passenger cars operating on diesel engines cannot be imported into Jordan..
Cars with steering wheel on the right are not allowed to be imported to Jordan.
Motor Scooters are the least type of Vehicles to be used or imported to Jordan. Scooters need to hold Original Plates, Insured and Registered at Origin Country for minimum of 8 months, and Owner holds a trip ticket. Registered and insured scooter for 8 months at origin country can be registered in Jordan for 8 similar months.
Duty exempted vehicles belonging to diplomats are cleared at Amman Customs Yard regardless of the POE, while cars that are subject to duties are cleared at Zarqa Free Zone Customs Area (40 km north of Amman) unless the cars are brand new i.e. same model of the current year.
Jordanian citizens with valid 2-year residency permit in the GCC countries may import their own cars on “temporary import” basis for a period of eight months; other expatriates may import their cars on “temporary import” basis for 90 days renewable only for another 90 days provided that these cars carry origin traffic plates of the country where the consignee is residing from.
Any party that wish to keep their cars in Jordan after the expiry of the “Temporary import” permit will have to pay the applicable duties, taxes and traffic registration, considering car is not older than 5 years.
Payment of duties, taxes and traffic licenses for used cars that are more than one year old
take place at Zarqa Free Zone Customs Area and need around 4 working days.

Prohibited Items:

Weapons & Ammunition
Drugs & Narcotics


Alcoholic beverages not to exceed 2 liters per adult ( When Alcohol is included in the shipment , please ASK for regulations and additional charges involved)
Wireless Equipment (CB, Walkie Talkies, Professional Cameras, and any other highlytechnological equipment/toys) Telescopes
Ornaments, Sculptures, Statues and Edgy Swords
Cigarettes and Cigars
Video tapes, Cassettes, CD’s & printed materials may be subjectto special inspection andapprovals.
Large number of Books and Food.

Ports of Entry:

  • Air freight shipments: Queen Alia International Airport – AMM
  • Sea freight shipments: Aqaba Port.
  • Land freight shipments: Amman Customs Yard

Consignment Instructions:

Name of Actual Consignee as shown in
passportC/O client’s mission (if any)
Complete physical address & contact details
Notify Party:
249 Wasfi Al Tal Street, Khalda
P.O. BOX 851689, Amman 11821 – Jordan
TEL: (962) 6-5377772 / FAX: (962) 6-

Required Documents:

  •  Export Way Bill / Instructions
  •  BL /AWB (Telex Release is accepted for Sea Shipments)
  •  Packing List / Inventory
  •  Clear copy of Consignee’s Passport Jordanian
  •  Jordanian Tax number for transferee
  •  Authorization Letters (Bank attested for individuals)
  •  Customs Exemption (for Diplomatic Shipments)

Duration of clearance procedures & release of shipments:

  •  Air freight shipments: 2-4 working days
  •  Sea freight shipments: 5-9 working days
  •  Land freight shipments: 2 working days

Port Free Days:

  • Airport: 24 hours including arrival day.
  • Port: 6 days including arrival day
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