Fine Art Moving Service in Jordan

Moving art definitely requires special care to ensure your valuable pieces arrive intact at your destination. Art pieces are objects that need to be packaged in a specific way using durable packing products.

Paintings and prints can be packed in an artwork or mirror box. For larger and heavier artwork, we custom make a wooden crate as a protective shell to help keep your artwork safe during shipping.

CML SafePak is your trusted partner and specialist in fine art moving service in Jordan.

Fine Art Moving Services in Jordan

The Potential for Damage When Moving Fine Art

At every step of the way, fine art can be damaged from not being packed properly, to remaining in a truck too long.

Direct damage. Art can be dropped, other boxes can fall on the art, or the art could simply be handled too roughly. Direct damage to a fine art piece is often not able to be repaired.


Sun Light. If the art is subject to direct sunlight, it can fade. Those who don’t have experience moving art may not realize how damaging sunlight can be, or that even short-term direct exposure could have lasting consequences.


Heat and cold. If fine art isn’t placed inside of a climate-controlled truck or unit, it could easily melt or become brittle and crack. It’s important that fine-art always be kept in climate-controlled locations.


Accident. During a move, a driver can get into an accident.

Theft. Fine art, if recognized, can be stolen. Even if it’s properly ensured, that can result in the permanent loss of a priceless piece.

We are here to help

Packing and transporting fine art is an art within itself and the care an artist takes to craft their masterpiece is the same care that must be taken to ensure its safety during any move.

Safely Moving Fine Art

The first step to safely moving fine art is to package it correctly. The skilled professionals at CML Safe Pak know exactly how to package fine art items, and have packaging specifically designed for this task. Packing artwork for moving is reinforced and padded, to make sure that the pieces inside aren’t damaged. There are moving boxes for paintings, bubble wrap bags for paintings, and ways to pack statues and other pieces, so they can be protected.

Once fine art has been packed correctly, it must be moved with care, kept in a safe place, and making sure they are loaded and off-loaded carefully.
Additionally, we can help in offering the suitable insurance coverage.

Moving is already a stressful time. Our professional moving services mean peace of mind.

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