Antique Moving Service in Jordan

We know that antiques must be handled with skilled and special care. Antiques can be very fragile objects that demand to be packaged in a certain way using the most durable packing products such as :

  • Foam wraps to keep glass and wood articles safe
  • Bubble wrap and moving blankets are also a great choice to provide extra security
  • A wooden crate which functions as a protective shell

CML SafePak is your trusted partner and specialist in antique moving service in Jordan.

Antique Moving Service in Jordan

Moving Antique Items

Moving involves a lot of planning, hard work, and decision making. Amidst this chaos, one thing we often forget to do is make a plan for the transportation of our family heirlooms, fine art, antiques, and collectibles. Unfortunately, leaving such valuable items not properly cared for, especially during cross-country moves, may cause expensive, and sometimes irreversible damage.

To minimise the damage to these precious items during the big house move,

We are here to help

We provide specialised antique and dedicated fine art moving services including professionally trained art handlers and the bespoke crating of artwork or heavy statues.

Our packers are fully trained, and they will ensure that your antiques are handled in a specific safe manner. Throughout the move we work closely with our customers, explaining how we intend to treat each antique and protect it through the move. Antiques can either be packed and wrapped to export standard or crated in a specialist wooden crate depending on what is the best option for that item.

Here are some of our approaches to moving antiques:


Moving china and glass antiques would take a thorough assessment and, if necessary, these items would be packed in a specialist wooden crate containing flow pack (poly chips) which will protect them from possible dangers.


Antique furniture would be fully export wrapped as a minimum, ensuring that all weak points are protected. If the item is large and unwieldy this could also be crated, as this is a more stable way of moving delicate items.


Antique silverware is best protected in acid-free paper. This can also be used to prevent tarnishing and if required these items would be crated.

If you are moving your antiques or fine art items, then the best option is to arrange a free home moving survey, so we can visit you at your home and discuss your antique requirements.  You can also rest assured with the fact that CML Safe Pak is one of the few removal companies that can offer you comprehensive removals insurance.

So whether you are moving a historic piece of art, a family heirloom or a modern masterpiece, we can ensure that your artwork or antique is handled with care throughout its move.

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