Fine Art, Antique and Piano Moving Services

There can be lot of complications and technicalities involved with moving fine art such as precious paintings and sculptures or antiques that are very fragile. Moving pianos also requires special technical expertise.

CML SafePak has been a leading pioneer for 30 years in the moving services in Jordan and specializes in transporting sensitive items and artwork, antiques and musical instruments that must be handled with skill and utmost care.

Fine Art Moving Services in Jordan

Fine Art Moving

Moving art definitely requires special care to ensure your valuable pieces arrive intact at your destination.

Antique Moving Services in Jordan

Antique Moving

We know that antiques must be handled with skilled and special care.

Piano Moving Services in Jordan

Piano Moving

The most important part of piano moving is the packing of the piano.

harmony Moving Services in Jordan
FIDI and the FAIM Certificate Certificate‏ Moving Services in Jordan‏
FAIM Plus 2021 Moving Services in Jordan
IAM Moving Services in Jordan
Animal Airways Moving Services in Jordan

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CML SAFE PAK) is a subsidiary of CML (Consolidated Marketing & Logistics Corp.) a family-owned company established in 1992 to provide the Jordanian market with professional international moving and relocation services.